Sunday, October 7, 2012


So I've been taking a class in 3D Modelling, and we were given a theme to fit into with all of our props. Our first week we were required to make one prop of any kind. Most of my classmates created a glass vial or a bottle or what have you, I created this:

And then I created this on top of it:

The second week we were required to make two props of any kind, and I forged these two from the fires of Maya

The third week we made a complete object in class since everyone was getting the hang of the program a little better, and that was this object:

And then the class was over and we were assigned two additional props to be turned in this tuesday:

I also have already created a desk for the book to rest on and a control panel for the power generator to be used. I'm going to add a larger part to the generator to make it seem like it's really puttin out some juice.

We haven't learned any form of texturing or shading, so the only thing I know enough to do there is to drag and drop a Phong or Blinn onto these, and that really wouldn't do any good so I'm leaving them grey until I'm instructed on proper texturing. I look forward to all of these being part of a cohesive scene with walls and lighting and the like.


  1. You're a "take-it-up-to-11" sort, aren't you.

    1. You don't get into this college without being that sort. I'm just doing it in 3D where others are doing it in other places.