Thursday, May 1, 2014

Second Year Film

Gaze in wonder at how awful a film-maker I am!

This film was made entirely by myself in a small army of software. The body rigging was done with Advanced Skeleton, but the rest of the film is entirely hand-made by me (unless specified otherwise in the credits. I have a wonderful team responsible for the sound).

Alright, so this year I decided to experiment in a number of ways. I tried to make a film using the same processes that I would use to make a game. There are no post-effects in this film, it's all directly out of Maya. I also tried to keep things low-poly as if they were actually going to be included in a game. Even the lighting is simple enough that it could probably work in-engine with a few adjustments.

Unfortunately, this ended up making the film look really sloppy and I wasn't able to devote enough time to the animation to really sell this as a film. The result is a film I'm largely not satisfied with, but it was an experiment so you live and you learn.

And I've lived and learned that I should just make games and skip the films thing. So next year I'll be doing exactly that. Expect a slew of blog posts about my process in making said game to start appearing in the very near future, including a playable web demo of the earliest possible stage of said game within the next couple of days.

Music by Kerri Shak:
Sound Design by Veronica Mullins:

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