Friday, March 15, 2013

A Reel Demonstration

A year ago, I was attempting to prepare for my animation career by learning to model in 3D. I downloaded 3DS Max and began watching tutorial videos. I got about half way through modelling a basic house (by that I mean a box with a pointy top for a roof, and the beginnings of a stoop and chimney) before I gave up due to not being able to understand what I was doing.

This was the third time I'd tried to learn CG, once before with Maya just after high school where I watched more tutorials and gave up in frustration, and before THAT with Bryce, a program that does all the work for you. Bryce did all the work, so I was able to use that program, but Maya and 3DS Max eluded me completely.

Now, at long last, I have learned enough of CG that I can VERY proudly show off this demo reel showcasing the things I've done this year at CalArts! I am SO happy to finally understand CG!

I look forward to a year to hone my skills now that I understand the basics.

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