Friday, March 8, 2013

Life Drawings

Believe it or not, I ACTUALLY do life drawings as well!


Anyway, here's some of the highlights from the last few weeks worth of life drawing classes. I THINK all of these images were done over the course of a full "set" of poses, which is to say that our model does a series of poses for 20 minutes and I choose the ones that work compositionally to combine together (It's possible they were done in only a part of one such set. Either way, excuse the rushed-ness of them). These 5 images were done during a section of their respective classes when the teacher projects an image behind the model, and we're allowed to incorporate the projected image into the figure study. This is also the section of the class where the model is wearing a costume of some kind. Buddhist Monk, Victorian Damsel, Conan-esque cabalist, and Mexican Guitarist are the ones present here. The other characters are the projected ones

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