Monday, May 13, 2013

Survival Job


With huge thanks to the amazing Ben Cohn of for all his work in making the music for this and just generally putting up with my complete lack of knowledge of how to work with a musician.

Based on an idea I got from a sign posted around campus calling for actors to apply for what I assume must have been a play called Survival Job, but the call for actors simply said "Survival Job Auditions today at E100" or some such, and I couldn't get over how ridiculous the idea of a survival job audition would be, and the rest is history.

This is the result of all my effort and time this year at CalArts Character Animation. This was made entirely in TV Paint, and composited in a combination of Premier and Final Cut Pro. Everything was hand drawn, and I actually didn't use any tricks to save myself time or anything else, I just drew each frame by hand on a Cintiq, and corrected any perspective issues or whatever else.

This is also likely to be the last 2D animation film I'll ever do, as I'm hugely into 3D Animation and will be making the rest of my films at CalArts in that media.

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